Colonial Sri Lanka

Itinerary Count: 3

From ancient forts, administrative buildings, tea plantations to peaceful and luxurious bungalows, Sri Lanka still glories in its colonial heritag...

East Coast

Itinerary Count: 1

The Cultural Triangle offers some of the most enriching experiences for cultural tourists. Sigiriya and Anuradhapura are world famous heritage sit...

Gem and Shopping Tours

Itinerary Count: 1

They don’t call Sri Lanka the ‘pearl of the Indian Ocean’ or the ‘Emerald Isle’ for nothing. Those names were given by ancient traders who were fa...

Halal Tourism

Itinerary Count: 1

We also specialize in halal tourism, and as such have all our middle-eastern and Muslim clients’ needs under control for any package you might des...

Highlights of Sri Lanka

Itinerary Count: 1

Want to catch everything worth seeing in as little time as possible? We’ve got you covered. This itinerary takes you through the best known and mo...

Medical Tourism

Itinerary Count: 1

Sri Lanka is fast becoming a global destination for medical tourism. The country has some of the best equipped hospitals in the region, and the qu...

North and East

Itinerary Count: 1

Further to the North, one can experience the post-war revival in cities like Jaffna and Trincomalee which are recovering quickly from the conflict...

On the Leopard Trail

Itinerary Count: 1

The Sri Lankan Leopard is a rare and notorious creature. He is at the top of the food chain, and won’t take any nonsense. He is elusive, but we kn...

Rural Sri Lanka

Itinerary Count: 1

Sri Lanka has always been a country traditionally populated by rural folk. The deep heritage and history of this past is still deeply ingrained in...

South Coast

Itinerary Count: 1

Sri Lanka’s South Coast offers some of the most beautiful landscapes and experiences in the world. From beautiful beaches to relax in or play wate...

Sri Lanka and the Maldives

Itinerary Count: 1

Feeling like exploring the region? We’ve got you covered. Design a trip around both the Maldives and Sri Lanka and enjoy a memorable holiday. Visi...

Sri Lanka for Families

Itinerary Count: 1

Sri Lanka is a perfect destination to travel with your family. Aside from numerous cultural locations, wildlife, beaches and mountains to enjoy, w...

Sri Lanka for Honeymooners

Itinerary Count: 1

Sri Lanka is the best place for lovers, we know it, and everyone we’ve spoken to says so! We have a range of resorts set amidst the loveliest land...

Ultra-Luxury Holidays

Itinerary Count: 1

Who doesn’t want to travel in style? We’ll take you by air to the most luxurious resorts the island has to offer. The country now boasts a range o...


Itinerary Count: 1

Sri Lanka offers an unparalleled experience to wildlife enthusiasts. Come and watch the famous Sri Lankan elephant in its natural habitat, or stic...

Yoga and Ayurveda Holidays

Itinerary Count: 1

Sri Lanka offers some of the best avenues to explore the self and alternative ways of living. Come and relax on one of the island’s many yoga retr...

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